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Moving to Android Studio

After a gap of an year, I decided to get back to Android app development. I learnt that ADT for Eclipse is no longer the IDE of choice and Android Studio is the official IDE. The installation of Android Studio was painful with the following error related to the tools directory refusing to go away even after several retries.

Studio err1

Eventually, it got installed but I still do not know how. I do not recall the ADT installation being so irritating. I learnt later that others did not have the same error... Strange.
I hope the rest of the features in the IDE make up for this annoyance. As I get more familiar with the IDE, I find that there are indeed features that make it worthwhile. For instance, when an external library is listed in the dependencies in the application module's build.gradle file, the Studio itself (or IntelliJ) will pull it from the remote location. No need to actually download, provide the file location etc.


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