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Learning Node.js on Udemy

After a bit of a struggle, I finally would like to believe that I have become comfortable with Node.js. I had initially tried learning Node.js through the course titled "Learn and Understand NodeJS" on Udemy by Anthony Alicea. The course is a bit unconventional as it goes deep into the guts of Node.js right at the start instead of providing an overview. I lost interest in it after a few lectures and almost gave up learning Node.js.

After a while, I decided to look for courses of shorter duration and found a course titled "A Simple Node.js/Mongo/Restify API in Less Than 3 Hours" by Jim Hlad. The USP of this course is that the lectures are of a short duration ~5-7 min. This helps in assimilating the content learned easily. The instructor explains the concepts while coding, instead of talking theory first, making the lectures short and crisp.

This course helped me grasp the basics of Node.js and try out things such as Web Sockets using It would be nicer if the instructor offers this course with Express or other more popular libraries instead of Restify. Also, it is worth noting that this course is aimed at building APIs using Node.js rather than a complete application thereby skipping the UI layer.


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