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Search APIs - Cheap, Fast, Good (choose only 2)

I tried Faroo - a search API that I was considering to use for a mobile app. Faroo is free for up to a million requests a month. Probably the most generous among the free plans available from the competition. Signup is straight forward but it took a few days to receive the key. Just append the key to the search requests and you are done.

It appears that Faroo is more focused on Europe or the US as search results for India focused products did not produce any results. Since the app that I am looking to build is India-centric, I am looking at a search API that can bring in results related to India. Many of the searches produced no results.

I next tried, another search API but a more restrictive plan of 1000 requests per month. Signup done and received the key in less than a minute. Search results brought in results on India-specific terms. The quality of results was impressive too. It is the pricing that is steep and preventing me from going ahead with using the API.

As it stands, I have to decide between free/low price with not much quality or expensive results with quality. Or maybe I will figure out a third option. I will continue exploring for now.


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